Instances of pattern language

Here are some examples of pattern languages.

The original *A pattern language* of architecture and urban planning by Chris Alexander. website >Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa & Murray Silverstein (1977), A pattern language - Towns, buildings, construction, Oxford University Press. pdf >Christopher Alexander (1979), The timeless way of building, Oxford University Press. pdf

This is a pattern language of facilitation and group process by Tree Bressen. We have divided up the patterns into this set of nine categories. Each category represents a group need addressed by that set of patterns.

A Framework for Understanding Commons & Commoning, by Silke Helfrich and David Bollier, 2017.

A framework for understanding commons & commoning - Header page pasted by mh from Silke & David's wiki

A pattern language of regional development by Michael Mehaffy and collaborators. Places, networks and processes…

The Wise Democracy Project presents its pattern language of **direct democracy** as a set of playing cards website